I am a mother of two living in Ruddington, Nottingham who loves computers and the web.  

After working in administration for years and always being the go to person if any computers misbehaved  I was offered a full time job at a place I hated.   I panicked, quit and set off in a direction I actually wanted to go.  I began re-training as a web developer and some years later Sherbert Monkey was born.

After working full time (admin again but somewhere better) and training at home in the evenings for a few years I got my first job working for a fashion website.  7 years later and I still love it like the first day (you need to to spend every night ignoring your significant other to work on the computer) and I bring my passion for getting businesses online into every project that I do.  See my Portfolio.

Why Choose Me to Help Build Your Business

There is no doubt that a web presence is important.   In fact, with most companies relying on the web for dialogue/sales with their customers through websites and Apps, is it now a must to have an online presence.  

However, if you don’t ‘do’ computers this can be a minefield. It is easy to get ripped off or scared off by tech jargon.  My aim with every project is to educate and train my clients.  Allowing you run your online businesses with the same confidence you run their offline business.

Its easy to get sold packages from big companies who say they will give you the world (although watch for the hidden charges). What they do not give you is knowledge and confidence of running your own website.  

My Aim for My Clients

My aim is to give my clients an actual person who does care about your online business and can give you face to face advice and training (possibly via Zoom/Google since the outbreak of Covid-19).

The most common phrase my clients say to me after being trained on their site is;

“Is that it”?

Yes, that’s all there is to it.  This is the moment the fear of computers is replaced with the realisation that clients can easily run their own sites. And confidence that with training and support can create a thriving online business.

To view my work so far have a look at my Portfolio.