Sherbert Monkey offers a custom design service based on previous branding material or from startup.

All our sites are responsive and will render effectively on all devices. If you unsure on what responsive is please see our post ‘Why is it so important my site is responsive? ¬†And what is responsive anyway?!!’

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Sherbert Monkey offers a comprehensive SEO service when building your website including;

Keyword research to find the most profitable keyphrases for your business

Competitor analysis of keywords and backlinks

Strategic SEO Implementation of those keyphrases into the site structure

Setting up as Google Analytics to track site progress

Help getting first backlinks and advice on future backlinks and how to maintain the SEO on your site

If you host with Sherbert Monkey you also get a free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate (Secure Server Licence)

If you are unsure on what SEO is and how it affects your site have a look at our post What is SEO?

I offer website, domain and email hosting all in one place with a Europe based carbon neutral server host.

All plans include a yearly backup and update of all plugins and a general site health check (additional backups or other works will incure a cost).

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When it comes to your online presence (and how easily and often people find you via search) CONTENT IS KING. Combining text supplied by the client, competitor and market research I create keyword dense SEO rich text to ensure you get found on search engines.

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