What else is included with my hosting package?


Hosting is where the files and database that store your website information are held. Hosting packages are for one year at a cost of £10 per month (£120/year) or £100 annually and include one update (themes/plugins) and backup of the website (once per year).

I would recommend more backups than this and in some cases such as Ecommerce sites I would backup frequently to ensure customer data and orders are not lost.


We all know it looks better to have an email that is the same as your domain name. With the hosting package you get one free email package. Additional emails are £5 per month (£60 per year) or £50 annually.


You will get one free domain for the first year with the renewal cost depending on the domain thereafter (some domains are more expensive than others). These will be renewed at the same time as your hosting plan


It’s important to track the progress of your website which can be done for free via Google Analytics. All websites will have Google Analytics added via your Google account so you can easily see how the site is working for you and how many customers you are reaching. This information is also imperative in future marketing campaigns.