SEO or Search Engine Optimisation means optimising your site so people will find you when they search for relevant key phrases.

SEO is a complex area as you cannot do ‘one thing’ and expect a website to rank highly.  Search engines take many things into consideration when ranking a site.  However there are a few key areas;


Site errors, duplicate data and bad backlinks could be making your site look bad. Sherbert Monkey will minimise/remove these issues and get you back on track with rewarding organic traffic.


Website loading time. If a customer comes to your site and it does not load often then will click away never to return.  Site speed has becoming increasingly important in recent years. Test your website at GTmetrix speed tester.

There are many ways a website can be made faster and full testing and analysis will be done to minimise loading time on your site.


Search engines can’t see your site and get there information purely from the text within so words and phrases you want to rank for in organic search must be placed and repeated within your site.

These must be carefully chosen and competitors researched before starting with a keyword plan.


Backlinks is most difficult of all the SEO areas but arguably one of the most important aspects. Good backlinks cannot be bought and some can actually hurt your business. Backlinks need to be built over time and be relevant and from websites that also have a good ranking on search engines.

Sherbert Monkey will give advice and support on how to get these backlinks and build your online brand and presence.


There is increasing importance now on interaction with customers whether that be by answering questions on Google or interacting on social media.  This is due to the increased important of Trust on the web.  SEO used to be very mechanical based purely on textual data but because of that is was easy to ‘fake’ which caused issues for users who were directed to bad sites.  As you cannot fake good & useful interaction interactions with customers its become a merit in the SEO cap.