Why choose Sherbert Monkey?

With all the advertisements on TV and the web for major companies who say they do everything for you you may be thinking why not do it yourself


Hidden Charges – Firstly there will be hidden charges for additional plugins (functionality on your site such as a booking/payment facilities), emails and just about anything else you can think of. This can put up monthly payments massively and you don’t know what these charges will be until you need extras so this will not have been budgeted for before you create the site. This over time could end up costing a lot more.

Support – When you need help you must go through an impersonal customer support centre which can take time to fix issues and rely on you doing this yourself.

Training – They provide no training on your site on how to manage and administer your website and no Search Engine Optimisation (getting your website to show up on search engines such as Google) training.

Limitations – There are often limitations to what can be offered. With a custom built site, there are no limitations.

Design – There are often limitations to what design you can have as standard templates are usually used with limited facilities to change them.

With Sherbert Monkey you get a custom built site for your needs based on site planning that is completed for a pre-set budget. Many additional plugins are free, pay once or annual payments meaning you don’t have huge monthly costs. There are no limitations on the design and any design can be created for your brand. Most importantly at the start for any new online business you get support. Instead a generic customer service line you get my mobile and face to face training from a real person.

As an individual getting businesses online I actually do care about your website and will do everything to create a site that represents your business and help build your business as you grow.